The Care for the Elderly Funding Scheme
We would like to inculcate in youngsters the spirit of respect and love to the aged, which is indeed the traditional Chinese virtue. It is hoped that by spreading the message throughout the community, we would be able to direct public’s attention to the welfare of the elders. Since 2009, the Care for the Elderly Funding Scheme has been providing eligible schools/organizations with subsidies to organize activities promoting respect and love towards the aged annually.

Students joining the activities subsided by the funding scheme have recorded their experience so as to share with us their feelings after spending times with the elderly and to encourage social participation in respecting and loving the aged.

Application and Selection Date
Invitations will be sent to all kindergarten, primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong in September; while the selection will be conducted in October. Activities subsided by the funding scheme have to been organized and finished within the school year.

Types of Application Organization
a. Parent-teacher Association
b. Kindergarten, primary school or secondary School
c. Secondary school Student, society or student union