Please support us

Also, it is our pleasure to be able to offer a helping hand to the aged.

The foundation and operation of the Care for The Elderly Association Limited are mainly supported by the donations from various commercial organizations as well as community members from all walks of life. Your donations help:

- provide elderly,  possessing low self-care ability, with daily meals as well as household cleaning services for the sake of maintaining their home conditions and personal hygiene;
- provide elders suffering from Alzheimer’s disease with professional caring services so as to stabilize their emotions and assist them in adapting to new life;
- offer  rehabilitation equipment to elderly lacking in exercise and outdoor activity.



Donations Method

Contribution can be made to the Care for The Elderly Association through the following methods:
- Download the ‘One-off Donation Form’.
- Mail the cheque together with the donation form to the Care for The elderly Association.
- Transfer donations directly to HSBC bank account: 411-363385-001. Please mail the bank-in slip with the donation form to the Care for The Elderly Association.
Your timely donation will make a difference to the people with needs.