Board of Directors

The Association was formed by a group of experts in elderly services industry. Bearing in mind the goal of caring for the elderly, all the Directors and members of the committee will continue to render support to the Care for The Elderly Charity Ticket Campaign on a voluntary basis, putting their own professional knowledge, experience as well as social networks in to good use, so as to raise fund for elderly-serving organizations.

Board of Directors (2016-17):
Mr. NG Ting-shan (Chair)
Mrs. TIK MAN Siu-ling (Internal Vice-Chair) 

Ms. LEE Yuk-chi (External Vice-Chair)

Ms. YU Shun-ngo (Secretary))

Mr. CHAU Yin-ming, BBS, MH (Treasurer

Dr. TIK Chi-yuen, SBS, BBS, JP
Mr. MA Kam-wah, JP
Mr. LUI Hing-chung, MH
Mr. KWOK Lit-tung, JP